Computers Tamed and Trained

(This page useful only to people living near Chichester, England.)

First scenario

Your computer is misbehaving. You don't want to deliver it to a shop, leave it unsupervised. Or- you have new software or equipment to install. Who are you going to call?


Second scenario

Your computer was expensive. What do you want from it? Are you getting it?

Do you have a sufficient grasp of the general principles?

Are you wondering 'What would it take to....?'

Would you like to review your IT procedures to see if there are ways to increase productivity or reliability?

Do you need a spreadsheet set up, a database organized, a program written?

I was a teacher for 20 years. For many of them, I taught computing. I now do other things, among them private tuition and helping people with their computers. One of the joys of working for myself is that I am not constrained by 'company policy'. Below, I have indicated some things I am doing. Feel welcome to get in touch if you want something else... I won't waste our time if I can't help.

There's a button for emailing me at the bottom of the page.

I can either make a 'housecall' to you, or meet with you someplace in the Chichester area.

I can supply computers for what we do, but I don't sell computers. I do sell software. See the special offer below.

What does it cost? Nothing to explore your needs. After that, fees are by negotiation, reflecting the level of help you need, my interest, when you want to meet, and where you live.

Link to another site created by the provider of Chichester PC Help.

I also offer programming lessons to students of (almost) any age, and help to schools and families along the lines of the traditional peripatetic music teacher, encouraging worthwhile use of computers. Visit Chichester PC Kids for information.

Why is there a hidden graphic on this page? I have my web-traffic monitored for me by eXTReMe tracker. They offer a free tracker. If you want to try one, check out their site. Neither my webpages nor my programs incorporate spyware.

Special offer: If you, or someone you know, work in a school within an hour's drive of Chichester, I will... for no charge... go to the school to set up some shareware and freeware. You can read about the software by clicking here. The computers must run Windows. I even have things that will run happily from floppy discs on a pre-Windows PC. I am CRB vetted, from working in schools previously.

Here is how you can contact me.